CRAFT: Superheroine Costumes

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s the craftiest time of the year: Halloween! Gone are the days when you should have to buy a costume out of a plastic bag. There are so many sites, blogs, and even TV shows dedicated to crafting now, which makes the possibilities endless and cheaper! This year, my two girlfriends and I were superheros – with a girly twist! This includes DIY outfits, tutus, and capes. Take a peek at the resources we used after the jump.

Meet Megan, aka Wonder Woman!

Megan DIYed her tutu and cape. And of course many costumes are not complete with some American Apparel staples: leotard, bandeau, and headband. The royal blue tulle for WW is the most challenging part of this costume; you may have to try a few fabric stores until you find this color. The no-sew tutu tutorial is so simple! All you need is grosgrain ribbon, at least 10 yards of uncut tulle (50 yards if it’s in a precut 6″ spool), and a pair of scissors. For an extra touch, Megan added adhesive stars to her tutu. Her easy t-shirt cape DIY can be found here… and only cost $3!

Meet Chloe, aka Captain America!

Chloe DIYed her own shirt for the fit she wanted. The materials she used for that were: white tank top, 1 blue sports bra, red fabric paint, sponge paintbrush, and duct tape. Begin with drawing a line (using fabric marking chalk or the like) that will separate the solid blue section from the vertical stripes. Then tape off every other stripe on the front of the shirt. Use red paint on the sections that are not taped, let them dry, and peel the tape off. Voila, stripes! Repeat for the back. You don’t need to worry about perfect edges at the top because the sports bra will go over it and cover the edge.

Her felt mask tutorial can be found here and duct tape boots can be found here. To save time, Chloe opted to buy her tutu and shield.

And na na na na na, I am Batgirl!

I made my tutu, leotard logo, utility belt, mask, and cape. I used the same tutorial as Megan to make my tutu and also an American Apparel leotard. I made the logo and belt out of shapes of colored duct tape. For the logo, I cut the shape out of a rectangle. For the belt, I wrapped a long strip around my waist and taped folded rectangles to make a pocket for my cell phone.

To make the mask, I used this Sparkles in Springs tutorial as a guide. I made my own unique hand drawn design to fit the shape of this Batgirl mask (stencil design, piece of tulle, fabric/puff paint, saran wrap, tape, ribbon). For my cape, I turned to the always fabulous P.S. I Made This. I bought a nice black georgette ($7/yd) to make this super simple capelet, which I can reuse for a normal day!

If Hurricane Sandy has prevented you from celebrating properly, have a safe and happy belated Halloween! I know my hometown has initiated a delayed trick-or-treating night once they know many people will be with power. xoxo Victoria 


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